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Sugar Creek Showdown was started in October 2009 to bring the area of Western Oklahoma an entertaining form of sports that would draw new spectators at a price that they could comfortably afford.
It started as an outside event; as many of the cage fights that we held at other locations did.  But we quickly learned that on what was supposed to be a beautiful 70 degree fall Saturday afternoon that Mother Nature would take us by storm, dropping the temperature to a chilling 43 degrees in just a short three hour period.
We learned that afternoon that not only did the fighters have “true heart” but 400 enthusiastic spectators weathered the unbearable conditions to watch some amazing fights.  This first fight has now lovingly become known as the “Ice Age Cage Fight” a title that we accept with honor and we learned that fight fans want to see these events regardless of the weather.  Luckily we were able to move the next and all future fights indoors and have had continuous success with sell-out crowds.
All of our employees work together in a team effort to support the cage fights to make each event a success.  We continue to learn more and more ways to make these events process smoothly which in turn allows the spectators to enjoy a smooth evening of entertainment with minimal interruptions.  The two principals responsible for the dedication and hours of hard work to execute these fights are our General Manager Glen Coleman and Marketing Director Rocky Coleman who have successfully promoted and supervised over 20 cage fights and sporting events.
Glen has not only been a General Manager of Casinos for the past 20 years, but he is knowledgeable and understands the needs of a facility to make money and increase visibility.  His professionalism creates a drive in him to make these fight events successful.  This is due in part to the fact that Glen grew up having an older brother who was a boxing promoter who taught him the ropes of being a fight promoter and Glen himself a former professional boxing judge. Glen uses his knowledge and love of the sport to work tirelessly to promote and meticulously match the fights so as to create the greatest air of excitement but always taking into consideration the safety and welfare of the fighters.
Rocky grew up in the marketing business and with his fresh and innovative ideas knows how to successfully drive traffic to these events which in turn creates new business for the facility and increases the bottom line. Rocky sets up all the seating plans, ticketing, graphically designs the fight collaterals, as well as over seeing the operations during the fights.
All fights are sanctioned by the Wichita Tribal sports Commission who has been personally trained by the ABC (Association of Boxing Commissioners).  The sports commission is fully accredited by the ABC and the Oklahoma Boxing Commission and “all” fights are considered as “Official” and results are recorded on a national database recognized by the ABC as “the Official” database for MMA Cage Fights. 
The Wichita Sports Commission has recently been recognized to sanction fights on military bases since they are on federal property and state boxing commissions have no jurisdictions there.  The ABC felt it was imperative that fighting events occurring on military bases have regulatory bodies involved to protect the fighters’ safety.
Both the promoters and the sports commissions of SCS have received great praise by the Oklahoma Boxing Commission for how closely and evenly the fights are matched and all the efforts that are put into fighter safety.  The promoters of SCS have received continuous appreciation from the fighter’s & trainers for all the effort that is put into how fairly the fights are matched and the effort that is extended to treat everyone with respect and fairness. Please feel free to contact us for any further information relating to scheduling a fighting event in the near future at your venue.


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