Sugar Creek Showdown #10: Bad Intentions!

SCS #10 Bad Intentions | Fight Results
March 31st, 2012 | Live From Sugar Creek Casino

Bout #1: John Soliz VS Evan Thompson
Winner:  John Soliz @ 1:46 of Rd #1 by Submission
Bout #2; Josh Logundino VS Ahmad Ramey
Winner:  Josh Logundino @ 0:00 Rd #1 by Forfeit
Bout #3: Mark Plata VS Cody Viteritto
Winner: Mark Plata @ 3:00 of Rd #3 by Submission
Bout #4: Kemmyelle Haley VS Christian Wood
Winner: Kemmyelle Haley @ 0:48 of Rd #1 by TKO (Strikes)
Bout #5: Frank Byers VS Aaron Wagner
Winner:  Aaron Wagner @ 0:45 of Rd #1 by Submission
Bout #6: Manual Muro VS Dylan Wells
Winner:  Manual Muro @ 0:00 Rd #1 by Forfeit
Amateur Featherweight SCS Championship
Bout #7: Chris Hicks VS David Putvin
Winner:   David Putvin @ 1:43 of Rd #1 by Submission
Bout #8: Albert Tapia VS David Frix
Winner: Albert Tapia @ 0:00 Rd #1 by Forfeit
Bout #9: Roy Stucker VS Ryan Wade
Winner:  Roy Stucker @ 1:07 of Rd #2 by TKO (Strikes)
Bout #10: Gary Alexander VS Craig Crawford
Winner:  Gary Alexander @ 1:52 of Rd #2 by TKO (Injury)
Amateur Middleweight SCS Championship
Bout #11: Kenneth Brecke VS Art Parker
Winner: Kenneth Brecke @ 1:00 of Rd #5 by Submission (Choke)
Pro Bantamweight SCS Championship
Bout #12: Craig Ross VS Jesse Thorton
Winner: Jesse Thorton @ 4:34 of Rd #4 by Submission
Pro Middleweight SCS Championship
Bout #12: Jeremy Peterson VS Leo Bercier
Winner: Leo Bercier @ 1:12 of Rd #2 by Knockout

Outstanding TKO/KO of the Night – Roy Stucker
Outstanding Submission of the Night - Aaron Wagner
Fight of the Night - Kenneth Brecke & Art Parker

All Fights were sanctioned by the Wichita Tribe Sports Commission. Final Results 03/31/12

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