Sugar Creek Showdown #11: No Fear!

SCS #11: No Fear | Results

May 12th, 2012 | Live From Sugar Creek Casino

Bout #1: Josh Parrish VS Aaron Wagner
Winner:  Aaron Wagner @ 1:43 of Rd #1 by TKO (Injury)
Bout #2; Mark Plata VS Isaiah Gutierrez
Winner:  Isaiah Gutierrez @ 2:09 Rd #1 by TKO (Strikes)
Bout #3: Erfan Khastar VS Billy Parvin
Winner: Billy Parvin @ 3:00 of Rd #3 by Unanimous Decision
Bout #4: Logan Englert VS Cody Viteritto
Winner: Logan Englert @ 2:51 of Rd 1 by Submission (Choke)
Bout #5: George Allan Russell VS Shawn Bley
Winner:  Shawn Bley @ 1:45 of Rd #2 by TKO (Strikes)
Amateur Flyweight SCS Championship
Bout #6: Albert Tapia VS Todd Hess
Winner:  Albert Tapia @ 2:28 of Rd #1 by TKO (Strikes)
Bout #7: Chris Pfiel VS Wesley Richards
Winner:  Chris Pfiel @ 2:10 of Rd #1 by Submission (Choke)
Bout #8: Thomas Torres VS Tim White
Winner:  Thomas Torres @ :30 of Rd #1 by TKO (Strikes)
Bout #9: Julius Salles VS Roy Stucker
Winner:  Roy Stucker @ 2:32 of Rd #1 by TKO (Strikes)
Bout #10: Brad Sanders VS Nick Mahugh
Winner:  Nick Mahugh @ 1:18 of Rd #1 by Submission (Choke)
Pro Lightweight SCS Championship
Bout #11: Gabriel Vasquez VS Greg Banks
Winner:  Gabriel Vasquez @ 2:48 of Rd #2 by TKO (Strikes)
Pro Flyweight SCS Championship
Bout #12: Jei Saudino VS Jesse Thorton
Winner:  Jei Saudino @ 2:57 of Rd #1 by Submission (Choke)
Pro Welterweight SCS Championship
Bout #13: Travis Coyle VS Cedric Marks
Winner:  Travis Coyle @ 3:47 of Rd #1 by Submission (Choke)

All Fights were sanctioned by the Wichita Sports Commission. Final Results 05/12/12

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