Sugar Creek Showdown #13: Blood Feud!

SCS #13: Blood Feud | Results

September 8th, 2012 | Live @ Sugar Creek Casino 
Bout #1: CJ Johnson VS George Allan Russell
Winner:  George Allan Russell @ 3:00 of Rd #3 by Decision
Bout #2: Justin Shachter VS Rick Swicegood
Winner:  Rick Swicegood @ 3:00 of Rd #3 by Decision
Bout #3: Jon Leal VS Justin Smith 
Winner:  Justin Smith @ 2:40 of Rd #1 by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Bout #4: Brandon "Trace" McBay VS Nelson Norman 
Winner:  Brandon "Trace" McBay @ 3:00 of Rd #3 by Decision
Amateur Featherweight SCS Championship 
Bout #5: Chris Gutierrez VS John Lane
Winner:  Chris Gutierrez @ 2:33 of Rd #3 by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Bout #6: Xzybyn Perez VS John Barron 
Winner:  John Barron  @ 2:59 Rd #2 by Referee Stoppage (Strikes)
Bout #7: Chris Pfiel VS Kenny Chavez 
Winner:  Chris Pfiel @ 1:40 Rd #2 by Referee Stoppage (Strikes)
Bout #8: Isaiah Hernandez VS Justin Garrison 
Winner:  Justin Garrison @ 1:40 Rd #2 by Referee Stoppage (Strikes)
Amateur Lightweight SCS Championship
Bout #9: Justin Harris VS Danny Tuzson 
Winner:  Danny Tuzson @ 1:07 of Rd #1 by Submission (Leg Triangle)
Bout #10: Shane Nuzum VS James Cowen 
Winner:  James Cowen @ 2:12 of Rd #2 by Tapout
Bout #11: Billy Deaton VS Arthur Sacco 
Winner:  Arthur Sacco @ 2:02 of Rd #1 by Knockout
Amateur Middleweight SCS Championship
Bout #12: Evan Thompson VS Art Parker
Winner:  Evan Thompson @ 0:49 of Rd #1 by Knockout
Professional Fights:
Bout #13: Henry Griffin VS Dylan Rush
Winner:  Henry Griffin @ 0:43 Rd #1 by Referee Stoppage (Strikes)
Bout #14: Luciano do Nascimento VS Marcus Baldivia
Winner:  Luciano do Nascimento @ 1:13 Rd #1 by Referee Stoppage (Strikes)
Professional Lightweight SCS Championship
Bout #15: Jonathan Gary VS Gabriel Vasquez
Winner:  Jonathan Gary @ 4:17 of Rd #2 by Submission (Rear Naked Choke)
Professional Heavyweight SCS Championship
Bout #16: Tracy Willis VS Jesse Hernandez  
Winner:  Jesse Hernandez @ 2:55 of Rd #1 by Tapout
All Fights were sanctioned by the Wichita Sports Commission. Final Results 09/08/12

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